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    Will Ryzen 1800X support Thunderbolt?


      Will Ryzen 1800X support Thunderbolt? Can I use a Thunderbolt pci-e card? If yes, which one?



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          Thunderbolt is proprietary Intel technology, and is at odds with USB-C. Any Thunderbolt capability will be on a per-motherboard basis and be manufacturer specific.

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            Please support all amd ryzen Thunderbolt 3. There is no license fee.


            Intel doubles down on Thunderbolt 3, cans licensing fees | bit-tech.net

            Intel has announced it is redoubling its efforts to make its Thunderbolt peripheral connection technology happen, offering manufacturers cost-free licences to integrate Thunderbolt 3 into their products while pledging to do the same in its next-generation processors.

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                From the same article: "Next year Intel plans to make the Thunderbolt protocol specification available to the industry under a non-exclusive, royalty-free licence"


                So that is a possible plan, perhaps to appear when their chips finally ship, but Intel has not done it yet.  So it is too late for Ryzen motherboards this year, but something to watch for in future years.


                How would you like to use it?  Intel's thunderbolt chip does some translating which slows down transfers, so it can be used to augment internal PCIe with slightly longer external connections for additional storage and display, but is not a replacement for internal PCIe.  External GPU connection lengths have been limited to something like half a meter.  So it is commonly used for small desktop docks for mobile devices.  Ryzen is currently mostly used as a desktop or server processor, though a mobile variant "Raven Ridge" chip might be delivered to OEMs by December or so.  So unless Raven Ridge is delayed up to a year, it won't be able to take advantage of this royalty free licensing.  Also, PCIe 4 is coming, and that might be more important for successors to Ryzen (in case there is a tradeoff).

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                    It's exactly the reason why people ask. Thunderbolt is external interface and PCIe internal so they are complementary and do not exclude each other. That said, thunderbolt looks cool in demos but practical implementation is riddled with technical issues. Like USB C you can have different protocols available with different devices. Possibly to the point that two devices with the port cannot talk to each other because they do not share a common protocol. The power requirements make including a fully powered port a risk and ports that provide limited power also provide way less cool applications.