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    Akitio Node TB3 + XFX RX480 = BSOD


      I got an AkiTio Node and an XFX RX480; trying to hook it up to a NUC Skull Canyon. Whenever I try to install the display drivers, I get a BSOD on my Win10pro ver 1607. The error message reads 'stop code: THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER'.

      Anyone have any ideas?

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          I tried to cheat a little by installing the drivers while in Safe mode. I was able to get the drivers installed, but then when I tried to boot into full mode, the computer boots into the windows logon screen and then it BSOD. Turning off the eGPU enclosure allows the machine to resume normal operations.


          I am a bit at a loss, here.


          I am considering disabling the integrated GPU, but I am a little scared that doing so might leave me completely blind, and unable to get into BIOS to re-enable the iGPU.