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Question asked by warsun on Feb 23, 2017

I have a request of you in software dept.An i want to make it clear.i do not want advice of how to do something already.This is a request from AMD alone.

OK.I need you guys in AMD to start making mods for games.I notice that in Fallout 4 they disabled debris in game for AMD.This is what Nvidia does.However this does not mean you cant mod your own Physics Havoc Physics debris.So please make a mod for this.I would also like to request you add in missing animations.Like jumping from roof top to roof top,grabbing ledges climbing up ledges.Sprinting up walls to grab the top.Even in power armor an other things.Even including.patch fixes for animations issues an optimizations for shadows that are designed for AMD graphics card users.All the elements Nvidia use to cripple AMD you just come up with a counter that replaces these functions or disables them on AMD hardware.


      Then we have the Elder Scrolls.You could get in contact with them right now an provide help in development of their new game.Now that Ryzen was released today which is sold out.Thanks for that. by the way.An help Bethesda use the engine right.Even include your hair physics of TressFX on animals an creatures.Optimizing it an for god sake Copyrighting it so Nvidia cant optimize it an disable it.I am serious.If a game is coming out get copyrights to prevent tampering.


       In games like Skyrim an Skyrim special edition.Please add some features like TressFX an Havoc Physics on clothing armors an other things.I have also noticed some issues with your drivers not locking the frame rate an clocking over 144fps on a R9 390 causing physics to brake in their game.You might want to get on that.I had to set my monitor to 60Hz to prevent that.So yeah im bringing that up.You can do that in Fallout 4 as well.An Fallout 5 that they are working on.Star Wars is doing great.( SimCity 5 and The Sims 4 could also use support.) Crysis 4 if it ever comes out,A port of God of War to the PC and Console,Because i had never heard of it.Saw it.An said.AMD could make that look and perform better. If you can for Fallout 4.Make some mods that you are allowed to Control the camera.Moving guns away from the face an down to the waist.A mod that allows underwater fish in both Skyrim and Fallout games.An shadow correction in both games.Also including the Special Edition of Skyrim.


     Anyway.Sparks an debris in Skyrim can be possible where a fire ball or Ice storm blast hits someone you can show partial effects in game that looks better an are optimized by YOU! This is what i am requesting.We also have Skywind in development an they need 3D modelers an designers to help build the game.This is the PERFECT opportunity to get in there an show your stuff using that engine.Making the game more realistic.An not by covering the game in fog an Godrays like Nvidia.But by showing clarity 4K distant objects an sharpness of objects.with optimized textures an highly detailed things.I would really like it if you helped out.Who am i.Well no one.But i would appreciate it an i think if your customers knew you did it.They would appreciate it too.An that brings me to The VR.You still need to introduce a VR glove or Suit.So a person can be in VR an see social media play games ( including World of Warcraft which needs optimizations),Search the web an forgo the use of monitors eventually.


        We are going to reach that point where TV becomes meaningless Paying to Cable as a thing of the past.TV will now be broadcasted direct to VR and digital shopping for groceries products an what have you will be as easy as using the VR helm an a satellite connection.( Yes i know satellite signals are slower.But they are advancing).So these mods an future tech i look forward to.So please i request these things happen.Consider this.Take it to your higher ups.Let them read it.An you dont have to get back to me on it.Just try.Please.An for crying out loud.Don't blow a ton of money on it like Intel. ( buying Mcafee.To get data on people is a waste of money.You could just ask people.)