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how screwed am i bought an RX 470 and realized my mobo doesnt have a UEFI BIOS how screwed am i

Question asked by kaitlin4599 on Feb 22, 2017
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ok i need some questions answered as im a bit confused. ok so i recently bought a sapphire RX 470 heres the link to the model i bought


SAPPHIRE Technology


ok so here are my questions


#1 does this card support legacy bios because my HP Z400 desktop still uses the old bios the one that only supports keyboard

#2 does this card come with a dvi adapter i only see hdmi and display ports?


did i just buy a dud or will my pc be able to boot this card below is a link to the pc i have,2718.html


will this card work even tho i dont have a uefi bios