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r9 290 shuts off under low load- general web browsing

Question asked by maxximenez on Feb 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2017 by redfury

I built this rig back in 2014 and got myself an r9 290, and I remember having an issue very similar to this but have no idea how to fix it now that it's reared its ugly head again.

Basically, when doing even light web browsing (to say nothing of gaming) with the temperature around 60 degrees, my display will simply shut off without warning or provocation. Sometimes, but not rarely, the fans will suddenly start blowing at maximum speed even though the temp is only in the 60's. However, I CAN play games with the temperatures higher, or the fans going at much faster speeds (say, around 75 degrees and 80% speed) without issue... but the card will still turn off without provocation. More annoyingly however, is that it turns off when practically idle, when I'm browsing the web, not even watching videos and with an adblocker on!

For years I didn't have this issue, and the catalyst software on its base settings (I don't bother overclocking) could handle modern, intensive games like Dragon Age Inquisition at 60FPS and 1080 with no issue. However, the other day I finished playing a very graphically light game- Pillars of Eternity, and AFTER I shut the game down, this problem reoccurred.

Right now I'm typing this from my computer's safe mode, and I don't have this issue when I uninstall the driver with DDU... so I'm guessing this is a very ugly driver issue. I actually thought I was having a PSU issue so I went out and bought myself a brand new Corsair CX750M and installed it today with no issues, but the problem persists.

Can anyone be of any help? I'm literally at my wits' end.



Powercolor r9 290 GPU

Corsair CX750M PSU

MSI B85M-P33 LGA1150 Mobo

Crucial CT120M500 SSD1

PNY CS1311 SSD 2

Hitachi HDP7560 HD