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    Help Low Fps in Game


      Can someone help me have a pc with the

      Processor amd a10 7860k

      16 GB RAM

      Corsair 400w power supply

      Video card integrated with the radeon r7 processor

      AsRock Motherboard

      Windows 7

      But in some games fps falls more by explo Legue Of Legends, Gta Sandreas

      However, I played the heaviest battlefield games 3 Far Cry 3 Gta 4 F1 2014

      Already updated all possible drivers even in the configurations minimas the game mentioned above is with very bad fps does anyone know what it can be?

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          the APU performance is tied directly to the speed of your ram.  Meaning, you need to get a minimum 2133 or 2400 DDR3 to get any decent gaming performance out of it...it is not just the amount of ram, but the speed of the ram that really matters.


          I have the same setup using ddr3 2400 memory, and my 3dmark scores are pretty impressive.  Perfect for casual gaming.


          Processor: AMD a7860K (stock 3.6ghz) running at 4.4ghz using stock cooler

          Motherboard: ASRock A88M-G/3.1 FM2+

          Graphic Card:  Built into the processor.  The AMD R7 APU. (Stock 750mhz) running at 900mhz.

          Memory: Kingston Hyper X Predator: 16GB DDR3 running at 2400Mhz at CL11 speeds.

          RamDrive: 4GB (100x faster than SSD).  Used for Windows temp files, browser temp/cache files, and Photoshop Cache.

          Thermal Compound: Arctic Silver Ceramique 2

          Case Fans: 3 (120mm) high performance fans from Enermax


          Passed all stress testing:

          Prime95: For over 3 hrs

          FurMark: Burn-in/GPU stress test for over 10 minutes

          AMD Overdrive Stability Test: For over 2 hours

          Memtest86: For nearly 9 hrs


          3DMark Benchmark Scores:

          Sky Diver: 6763

          Cloud Gate: 8054

          Fire Strike: 1740

          Time Spy: 730