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    tbaseprovisioning has stopped working



      i am constantly getting tbaseprovisioning.exe has stopped working error, which among others, does not allow my laptop to wake up from sleep mode.

      i ve just reinstalled drivers, i ve tried many versions, and i ve also tried the clean install method described in this site. none of these seem to have solved the problem.

      laptop is new and had this problem since day 1, but i had no time to waste on trying to fix it. after leaving my laptop a few days without amd drivers (just windows i guess) i had no sign of this error.


      amd a10-9600p radeon r5

      r7 m440

      any ideas?

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          Hi Joe, I too have a similar problem with 'tbaseprovisioning has stopped working' appearing in Reliability Monitor for some 20 consecutive days.

          However it does NOT appear to interfere with the day to day working of my Laptop.

          Searches suggest it has something to do with the latest driver for AMD cards and that this 'service' is NOT required in Windows 10; however I can find no trace of it and to date no one can suggest a remedy.

          If ATM are responsible can't they provide the solution?

          Thanks, Yorky.

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              Well further to the above the complaint continues with no corrections suggested despite many, many complaints on this subject being disclosed when using Google Search. Some suggest it may be due to AMD and another to Toshiba with others suspecting it to be Malware. This latter denied quite strongly by others. There are also questionable remedy's put forward by the usual group of supposed 'Free Scans' which then ask for payment to activate which usually turns out to be worthless.

              One would think that as this complaint has existed for sometime now that someone must know just who is responsible?