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    Mouse cursor corruption.


      Windows 10 AE 64x

      Amd rx 480 8Gb XFX Core edition. With 17.2.1

      2 Monitors. asus mg279q(1440p@144Hz) and aoc u2868pqu(2160x3840@60Hz)



      So i got this known mouse corruption going on but only on my main screen (asus)

      Using magnification fixes it but when gaming i need to close that. It also makes desktop feel choppy so it's not perfect fix.


      Restart fixes it for a bit and for some reason it comes back for whatever reason.


      Suggestions, fixes anything ?

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          We hope to have a fix available for this bug in a future driver update, stay tuned.

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            You can also revert to 17.1.2 in the meantime.

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                Glad to hear this is due for a fix, but reverting to 17.1.2 isn't really an option in my case (inexplicable TDRs). Hope it's fixed soon, it's astonishingly distracting.

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                    I've seen and this the mouse cursor corruption for awhile.  Most notably happens when using HDMI or 1080 displays for me.

                    From what research about it that I have discovered.

                    Hardware rendering through amd drivers seems to be the culprit. however theres some fixes you can try

                    The fix for windows for now is turn pointer trailers on, also just quickly throw the cursor off the side of the screen like the right side there so you can't see it, that forces the computer to re-render the mouse cursor and it usually fixes the issue that way.  It does however come right back after a very short time.


                    **Note: Windows pointer trailers can be set to the absolute minimum so they don't look rediculous, and this also has zero impact on gaming as games usually end up turning the pointer trails off as they use a custom cursor, this of course also breaks the fix and makes the cursor corruption possible in games again until the game is closed or alt tabbed.


                    I would really really like someone at AMD to find some kind of fix for this cursor corruption and impliment it in the drivers or atleast radeon setting to use software rendering of the cursor instead of hardware... Unless I'm terribly mistaken of course..  I am talking about the cursor turning into a bunch of dots stacked up like a sort of line.. or not being a cursor but some weird scroll bar looking thing.


                    Oh right hardware specs I have..

                    AMD Ryzen 1700

                    Gigabyte AB350-Gaming

                    Windows 10 64 bit (was freshly installed for my Ryzen build)

                    Radeon R9 390 (also from Gigabyte, also using latest drivers)

                    Sony Bravia 32inch display in 1920x1080 / 1080p


                    Edit: since the issue is still annoying me, looked it up again and found it can also be caused by multiple monitor setups, I however do not have more then one display..  so I got to thinking it might also be disconnected displays.  I had extra displays hidden in the device manager in windows, after removing them the issue stopped for all of 5 minutes, came back soon as windows turned off my pointer trailers.  I assume it does this because I launched a game and someone snuck in some "fix" to disable pointer trailers to prevent the whole no mouse issue in games...


                    And if you care to know, fresh installing the drivers does not seem to help at all for this, pretty sure it just makes it worse, each time I update the drivers for the GPU.