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Why does my laptop keep black-screening on me when playing games?

Question asked by zackalack123 on Feb 22, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2017 by zackalack123

Specs are linked below. I've searched for weeks and have not found a solution. Since I can remember, I have had problems with black screens on my laptop when playing games. Whether it's a low-end graphics game like League of Legends or graphically-intense games like World of Warcraft, my computer will randomly give me black screens for 5-15 seconds. During this time, my computer is completely unresponsive, and does not react to anything I do (caps lock won't even toggle on or off at this time). After the black screen finishes, I get loaded back into my game. The game tells me I have "reconnected" to the game, so I assume that I disconnect from the game during the black screen episodes. It seems to happen more frequently when I have more going on on my computer (more apps open, more graphically-intense games running). I have tried fresh installs, I have run the hardware diagnostic tools on the boot menu with all passing tests. I believe it may be related to my processor or graphics card. I realized in the file I linked there are a lot of errors that reported so if anyone could help me get rid of this issue that would be great. I'm afraid to play any games anymore because I dont want to lose games/do poorly because my computer black screens and keeps me out of my game.