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Constant Crashing w/RX480!!

Question asked by stuka87 on Feb 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2018 by rektsyt

To say I am fed up and pissed would be a huge understatement. I play a large amount of World of Tanks (Along with 8 million other users worldwide). This is a competitive online game, and have now lost a significant number of matches because the game continually crashes with Wattman saying it has reverted back to stock settings (which it was already at). And I should note that I have been running AMD GPUs for nearly 20 years (first was a Rage Pro, and used to run only AMD CPU's, but they stopped being competitive), and I even used to beta test drivers for you guys back in the mid 2000's. And I am a QA Engineer by trade, so I tent to be thorough in trying to find the issue.


Few details:

OS: Windows 10 64bit

CPU: Intel 4960K

Mobo: Asrock Z97E-ITX/ac

RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB (2x8GB)

SSD: Intel 480GB 780

GPU: Sapphire RX480 Nitro 4GB purchased on day 1 of availability

Drivers: Issue seems to have started with 16.12.x, continues in 17.x


How it happens: Will be playing game, screen will lock, after approximately 5 seconds it will crash to desktop. Windows will play chime sound and the AMD settings app will pop up an alert saying that Watman settings have been reset to default.


Event Log Entry: Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered.


Things I have tried: The Wattman settings were originally stock. I have since tried under clocking, under volting, over volting, running with 'Power Efficiency' on/off, tried with JUST the driver installed and no AMD settings via custom install.


At this point I am beyond fed up. I know many others have this issue as I have seen in forums (here on the AMD forums as well). I have not purchased an nVidia card in ages, but this issue has caused me so many problems I am almost ready to just ditch this card. But, I want to at least try to resolve it with you guys first. So, anything you guys need, let me know. If you need some more debug output, or whatever it takes to track this down, let me know.