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    DOOM for RX480?


      So i have bought an RX480 8GB OC NITRO + from Sapphire and didn't receive any kind of coupon for the doom promotion... What must i do in order to receive the key for the game? I have made and a contact support request on amd rewards website. Thank you in advice


      And another question how much time does it takes for the tehnical support to respond to me?

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          If a represent of the company ask me for the warranty and bill and gpu box id's and other things i will gladly provide them via private message. Thank you again in advice.

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            You need a code from the seller,


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              Was your GPU specifically sold with this promotion ?


              In that case, you should contact your point of purchase to obtain the actual game code.

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                I'm having the same problem.  Purchased the same card from AMD store and got rerouted to SuperBiiz.com for the purchase.

                The only form I received was for the rebate.

                The AMD website claims the promo however, it's not very clear on how to get this code.  There is no form, or anything.

                This promo is not very well done in my opinion, I think that the promo needs to be more clear to both the buyer and the seller.

                The buyer should not have to run around to figure this out.  The promo was offered through the AMD store and stated during purchase, however when passed onto SuperBiiz.com the information for that was lost.  The AMD website says one thing but the promo list shows another?  I did not see my card listed in the promo but, it did state that on this page.  http://www.amd.com/en-us/markets/game/featured/doom

                I'm really confused as to why this process is soo damn difficult?  I even tried the redeem and it failed to find the product?

                I could not find no way to submit my receipt or contact customer support, they only push to this community board.

                Can someone who has been through this painful process please help?  -Thanks!

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                  Good morning.After all this time, i have the same problem.
                  I bought a Sapphire Rx 480 4gb and sent the Nfe with my infos for rewards@amdcomponents.com.br last week. Yesterday was the last day of promotion... and i still waiting.