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Driver 17.2.1 crashes after a while when recording IL-2 in borderless.

Question asked by astrix_au on Feb 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2017 by astrix_au


  • MSI R9 Fury X
  • Custom built PC
  • Windows 10 64bit
  • Crimson Edition ReLive - 17.2.1
  • Benq XL2730Z, 1440x2560p, 144hz, Freesync connected by Displayport cable
  • ASUS Maximus VI Formula - BIOS 1603
  • i7 4770K - OC 4.5Ghz
  • Seasonic 1000w 80 plus Platnum
  • Kingston HyperX 16GB 16000mhz (2x 8GB)




I have just upgraded from 16.12.1 original Relive drivers to 17.2.1.



I've tried every driver since then but they weren't worth it for the game I play IL-2 BOS and the original recorded better than the later betas.



I was pleased to find 17.2.1 recorded IL-2 in borderless fine as long as you don't bring up the Relive overlay which will cause the FPS to drop to the 10's and stutter like crazy from 144fps (all Relive betas after 16.12.1 are affected by this bordeless overlay bug) This only happens when recording Il-2 in borderless and bringing up the overlay (ALT-Z) while recording, other games are fine. I am forced to use borderless as since IL-2 upgraded to DX11 freesync hasn't been working in fullscreen apparently the same goes for Gsync users in fullscreen.


Now to the new issue I found with the latest 17.2.1 beta driver.

Twice in the last two days I was recording IL-2 BOS in borderless and both times the driver crashed and I got a black screen and then the driver seems to recover and the game is minimized and audio is still going but the game then crashes, the recorded video thankfully is saved. If I try and open Radeon Settings I get a transparent window and need to restart to get Radeon settings back.


The forst time the recording lasted 20 min and the second time it lasted 44 min, both times it happens with a black screen. I first thought my monitor went to sleep but then the game crashes. Teamspeak 3 was unaffected. the first time it happened I did catch a window with some info about Radeon Wattman before it crashed, the second time I didn't see this.


This recording crash issue only appeared on 17.2.1 and was not present in 16.12.1 that I was using before.


I'll have to test without recording to see if it also happens.