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    Why is my mouse erratic/unusable in Linux Mint 18.1 64 Bit but OK in the 32 Bit version?


      My desktop system details are listed, for the 64 Bi t and the 32 Bit versions, then the problem and what I have tried to correct it. I was using an old Logitech mouse, and thinking that might be the problem, I replaced it with a new Locitech mouse – no help.

         The motherboard is an ASUS M5A78L-M PLUS/USB3\




      The only difference in the systems is the Bit count.


      When I install Linux Mint 32 Bit version, the mouse works OK during instillation and while using the OS. If I install Linux Mint 64 Bit version, the mouse is erratic to the point of being unusable; however, if I follow these instructions,

      • At the 10 second countdown screen during boot, press a key.
      • You will be shown a small menu. Select "Start in compatibility mode" and press enter to continue.  

      the instillation proceeds OK and the mouse behaves itself. This indicates a problem with the graphics.

        When I reboot after instillation, the mouse is OK, but if I turn the computer off, and later restart it, the mouse resumes its erratic behavior.


      In Driver Manager there is one device, amd64-microcode, and it is not in use. When this device is activated, it does not make a difference in the mouse’s behavior after a reboot




      I can restart the computer by editing the GRUB boot menu, adding nomodeset Xforcevesa, as shown, and then hitting F10. The mouse works OK, but this has to be done each time I boot.







        Also, I get this notice which indicates, that this state is not desirable, and along with the other characteristics, that there is probably difficulty with the AMD video driver.



          What can be done to correct this problem? I appreciate any help I can get!