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Radeon HD 5870/5770 driver update on old MACpro bootcamp setup

Question asked by nyxwei on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2017 by nyxwei

Hi there, I am using Radeon HD 5870/5770 card on my old MACpro, running on a bootcamped WIN 7 x64bit, it was working fine until recently I want to test VRed software on my machine. It displayed a full viewport of black when I loaded my models, I checked the system requirement of the software, it says a minium OPENGL 4.3 is needed. I searched the whole site of AMD, can't find any direct driver links of that. Only left catalyst and crimson download links, but unfortunately, after I installed both of them, they simply said "can't detect AMD product on your system". What shall I do? Can anyone help? A thousand thanks!