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New Driver Make my FPS drops in CSGO

Question asked by calinhu on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2017 by dice

Hello Guys, i need some help.


Recently i updated the amd driver for my r9 270x GPU.


After the update, my FPS in CSGO droped Significantly.

In FPS test maps, with the Catalyst Center i had a 200 fps avarage.

With the new driver i get only 106.


Since the problem started i was using the driver AMD CATALYST 15.11.1 Beta , but today when i turn on the PC the driver has been updated automatically, and the fps problem came back.


Any ideias in what could i do to fix the FPS problem with the new driver? i want to use the new driver cuz its the only way i can play csgo 4:3 without the black bars.


If not, how can i disable the auto update in the in the Catalyst 15.11.1.

Also, any idea in how i cant get rid off the black bars in Catalyst 15.11.1? the gpu scale is already enable and set to stretch the image, but it works only in windows.