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A persistent video driver issue I've had on all drivers higher than version 16.11.5

Question asked by terryhb on Feb 21, 2017

So, I've been having this problem since 16.12.1 came out, but sadly it has not been fixed for me and I have tried every driver that has came out since then. After the computer restarts having installing the driver, for some reason I get some weird artifacting, flickering, then after about 30 seconds my computer crashes with a black screen. Here are three videos showing this problem after installing a new driver -

Gpu driver issue obtained from amd drivers newer than 16.11.5 - YouTube (This video shows the problem before the black screen occurs as I stopped recording before then)

Example #2 of driver problem - YouTube (This and the next video shows the problem as I record as soon as my computer starts up)

Driver issues update 3 - 17.2.1 - YouTube

I have been stuck using 16.11.5, so yes older drivers still work perfectly fine.

My full specs are

Asus Z170-A Motherboard

16GB DDR4 Ram

Sapphire R9 390 Nitro 8GB GPU

Intel i5 6600k 3.5ghz CPU

Corsair 850W PSU

I also use a 250GB Samung Evo SSD and a WD 1TB HDD incase anybody wanted to know this info.


I have tried a clean install with DDU and AMD's own driver uninstaller before installing any of the new drivers, and the same problem persists. Only once did my computer remain on after this problem happened where have 2 seconds of the black screen it for some reason came back on, I have tried to recreate this a numerous amount of times yet it does not seem to happen again. Can anyone please help me? Thanks!


EDIT - just to say, I have reported this problem before when 16.12.1 came out on the support forums, however no one was able to help me. Just though I'd clarify this


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