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Assassins Creed IV corruption and crash to desktop with specific AA settings (RX480)

Question asked by razorblade on Feb 20, 2017

Hello AMD,


I recently started playing Assassins Creed IV Black Flag with my new RX480 8GiB.

While playing through the first minutes of the game I found a bug that - I think - could be related to the latest AMD Crimson driver software.

Playing a cutscene in the game with any AA setting above SMAA (e.g. MSAA or EQAA) will lead to video corruption and eventually to a crash to desktop with only sound playing and the driver reports "recovered from crash". Setting AA to anything below MSAA (FXAA, SMAA or off) corrects that issue and the video plays fine.


Forcing a different AA mode through the AMD driver (override) does not work as the game will stick to the in-game AA settings. In the driver I could not find an option for checking the binaries for the gaming profile, so I don't know whether that (automatic) profile has been set up correctly.


There's another thread mentioning the same issue

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Obviously this issue has not been corrected.


Is there any way that I can use MSAA or higher in AC IV:BF?


Thank you



Windows 7x64 SP1

MSI RX480 8GiB GPU w. Crimson 17.2.1

8GiB RAM 1600MHz

bequiet 550W PSU