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Radeon hd 6600/6700m freeze

Question asked by hans1992 on Feb 20, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by hans1992

Hi guys, i have problem with my AMD radeon HD 6600m/6700m... i've looked entire google and different forums and didnt find a solution... i have laptop lenovo g 770 with intel hd 3000 and radeon hd 6600m/6700m graphic... and i installed latest drivers... i cant run any application or game cause my laptop freeze... i tried to run 3dmark11 and it freeze in loading screen... tried tu run gpu z test, and laptop freeze after 2-3 seconds... and only thing i can do is holding power button to shut it down... alt+tab do not work, ctrl+alt+del doesnt work too... i even tried to reinstall windows and it didnt help... if i uninstall drivers for my amd graphic card, everything works fine... i can play games using my intel hd 3000, but i want to know is my gpu defected or something... i can see it in device manager and system info, hw info, cpuz and gpuz... so dunno what the problem could be... i tried to run sfc/ scan now and i get error that i have some corrupted files and windows couldnt fix it... and it says to check cbs.log, but i dont really understand that logs... so if anyone could help me i would be very thankful... so i will attach cbs log file...


system spec:

Intel i5 2430m 2,4ghz

8gb ddr3 ram

windows 7 ultimate sp1...