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    how to create a custom resolution


      Asrock z170 pro4s, i5 6600k, sapphire r9 270 dual-x 2gb

      windows 10

      Asus vg248 1920x1080 @144hz dual link dvi

      16.12.2 i believe

      8gb g skill ddr4 ram


      I want to use 1440x1080 for CS:go but don't know how to make custom resolutions

      Also i haven't been able to get the additional radeon settings opened for like 2 months now and im starting to get a little pissed off... I need access to the saturation settings i've been at a disadvantage for far too long so either you fix it or im not buying amd again, cause this is just bullsh it

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          I don't believe you can create an application specific resolution from within AMD Crimson. Global custom resolutions can be created from the Display Tab, under 'Create Custom Resolution'. You then select a monitor and create a resolution for that monitor, but I believe it is active as soon as you create it and is not tied to a specific application.


          Do you mean 1440x1080 or 1440x1050 (which preserves your aspect ratio)?

          With respects to not being able to access Additional Radeon Settings - what happens when you try to access it?


          As a side note, the tone of your post is really going about asking for help entirely the wrong way. You are one of hundreds of people requesting help, so it is better to use the carrot rather than the stick, as people respond more to that. Just some friendly advice.