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    AMD TUF Benchmarks


      Good morning AMD U,


      I have reset my computer and started stepping it up again and get a high over clock with stability.  The highest PassMark CPU Mark score I have gotten was 11,287.  I don't remember the exact settings I had for that one, but I got so close to my Dad's older Intel Extreme Edition chip, the 990 I think, that he bought the 6950X so he could stay in a dominant position over this AMD TUF build (fun stuff).


      Here is my current score:



      This is OC'd to 4615MHz.  I have been higher, and able to run some benchmarks, but not completely stable yet.  Any ideas?



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          Ok, after a day of 'playing' I have made some improvement.  This screen shot is only a CPU test and it is the best I can do in a non-sterile environment.  That means all normal apps are running in the system tray and I have shut nothing down in order to enhance the score.  This is everyday system score.  I ran several hours worth of stress tests and even played Ashes of the Singularity with High settings with no issues.  That game has shut me down when the system is not stable.


          And here are the settings that got that score:

          Settings 20170220.PNG