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black screen issue on rx 460

Question asked by vikingcrusher on Feb 20, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2017 by vikingcrusher

I have recently bought RX 460 to play small E-sport games like LoL, rocket league and others but when I ever I play them I get random black screen that goes about 3 seconds and the sound doesn't stop but the thing is I don't get the black screen on any game I play on and then I started testing some games I had to see if I'll get the black screen here's the list of games that I've tested

Alan Wake

Ori and the blind forest


the Talos principle

Valley benchmark 1.0

League of legends

Rocket League

dark souls 1

all of these games gave me black screen except Alan wake, the Talos principle, Valley benchmark

I've reinstalled the drivers many many times but the problem still exists, tried to reinstall Directx but nothing happened I don't know what causing the black screens but I hate it