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RX480 all memory not detected in R6 Siege and fps has dropped

Question asked by karimento on Feb 20, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by karimento

I encountered a weird issue couple days ago in Rainbow 6 Siege and haven't had any idea what is causing it or how it appeared.

I have been playing R6:Siege since launch and it has been working nicely.

I had R9 290 4gb before i switched to RX480 8gb and R6:Siege still worked well. I did purchase another RX480 just for better performance.

When all worked with R6 Siege and dual RX480 i had a nice whopping approx 140 fps pretty much all the time. Not many times did it drop below 100 and at best it could go up to almost 200 even.

And i did use custom setting that were a bit lower than what game autodetected.


However, now i am getting very poor performance issues and very glitchy gameplay in R6 Siege for no apparent reason. I am not sure is the issue with the graphic cards, or the game, but i suspect the game more likely. In graphic setting page R6 Siege even shows that i only have 4 gb of ram on the card, which odd because both my display cards are with 8gb memory.

If i use autodetect in R6 Siege, the game set all graphic settings to lowest.

I had not even updated the graphic drivers when this thing occured. I did try newest drivers and the same thing keeps happening.

Old drivers were 16.12.2 and newest are 17.2.1 and both have same issue.


I have not overclocked my cards or cpu at all, because no need.


I have tried with other applications and games to see how they react to this, but everything else works well. GPUZ detects cards normally and runs all well in crossfire and other games work well as well. I have no trouble playing Elite Dangerous, or Fallout 4 with crossfire.

So i have no idea what to do with this issue. I have been in contact with Ubisoft regarding this issue, but no harm talking about it here either.


i7-4790K16Gb Kingston HyperX 1600 MHz Ram


MSI RX480 8Gb

ASUS RX480 8 Gb

Yes, i know 2 different cards, but they are identical in specs and work perfectly together. Expect in R6 Siege now.


Windows 10 Home 64-bit


I'll attach some pics to see


If any other info is needed, just ask