More or less of a fix for those out there who still got issues with Crimson ReLive driver

Discussion created by d4rkparadise7 on Feb 19, 2017

Since the first release of Crimson ReLive driver I have had a lot of issues like many other people who own R9 3xx or 2xx with WattMan crashing or black screen issues and many other etc...

I manage to find a way to use my GPU (R9 380X Sapphire Nitro) without issues at maximum capacity.....

I don`t think everyone will can benefit from my method, but I chose to share it anyway.


Step 1

Download Display Driver Uninstaller and latest Crimson ReLive driver 17.2.1 (This latest version fixes the memory clock being locked at 150mhz)

Optional: Download Driver version 16.11.5 in case that my fix didn`t help at all and you still have trouble with with the newer driver so you can reroll back..


Step 2

Uninstall any GPU Overclocking software like "MSI Afterburner".

Proceed to do a clean uninstall using Display Driver Uninstaller and after installing the latest Crimson ReLive driver.

Optional: Do your global graphic settings or any other display settings from the "Radeon settings"

Optional 2: Check "Caution!!!" on "Step 4"


Step 3 ( or the part where my guide become from ok to trash)

Download Shappire Trixx witch is I think the only GPU OC software that not crash with WattMan. (I don`t know if only Shappire card owner can use the software that is the reason why maybe most of you will not be helped at all, but you can give it a try ...)

Open the software then go and set it to automatically load on windows startup from settings if you want. Or go and set custom fan curve if you had any from previous software (MSI Afterburner) to do that press on custom under "Current Fan Speed" and start customizing you fan speed... (If you wanna add more "square" on the graph just click on the line...)


Step 3.5

After you are done with basic settings on Shappire Trixx you can start messing with "Power Limit" or "GPU Voltage" if you want or need, but not doing any Core or Mem OC because will not have any effect at all... To OC your card you will need to use WattMan from Radeon settings. I got My 380X at 6% on core which is 1100mhz from 1040mhz and Mem +50 to 1550 from 1500.(to see how much is the OC % of the Core simply press on the check near the slider after you slide it to switch it on "Dynamic" It will change showing how much that % represent on all stages...) Don`t forget to apply.

After you have OCed your card you will still see the default Core and Mem on Shappire Trixx but no need to worry if you press "Hardware Monitor" after you played anything that use your GPU at max... you will see at GPU Core and Mem that it reaches the OC settings....

Optional: Set the power limit from Wattman to be the same as it is on Shappite Trixx if you change it ... I didn`t see it restarting on Shappite Trixx but I set it mine to be the same on both just to be sure....


Step 4

As most of you used MSI Afterburner not only for OC, but for OSD you might need an alternative and the only alternative that make the cut is CAM is not even close as good, but is doing his job more or less... I am saying less because there are games where the OSD will not show up.... (For OSD settings, press on cog>settings>FPS Overlay.)

Caution!!! If you had CAM before and use it for OC ("Tuning" tab) You will have to uninstall and reinstall it and Never go to "Tuning" tab and press ok... doing this will make you driver start crashing and even blue screen....


Well, here end my "More or Less fix".... I hope I managed to help some of you out there. If there are any question just ask maybe I will be able to help you and If you discover something new share it on comment with the other.