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    PC Randomly crashing with lines on screen


      This issue started to happen 3 days ago



      When i try to play games my computer will randomly crash with vertical lines out of the blue then i have to reset my computer.


      When starting up my computer it will show vertical lines sometimes then my mouse & keyboard will stop working then my screen will go full (RED) I even stress tested the GPU and it even crashes after 20 seconds or less.


      The temps are low on GPU, CPU. The graphics card is like 4 years old everything is else is pretty much a year old the motherboard and ram is 4 months old.


      When it randomly crashes in games or stress test it will show this.



      When booting up and getting redscreen but sometimes i can get it working after a few restarts.



      Red screen (no text or anything)




      Running Windows 10 Pro Version 1511

      AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series

      Installed RAM 16.0 GB Ram (Hyper X)

      MSI 970 Gaming Motherboard

      Processor AMD FX(tm)- 8350 Eight-Core Processor 4.00 GHz (NEVER OVERCLOCKED)





      Things i did that haven't worked.

      Checked cables wires etc, unplugged everything and plugged it back in (didn't work)

      Removed CPU, GPU, Powersupply and put it back in (didn't work)

      Removed RAM 1 by 1 didn't do anything. (didn't work)

      Removed CMOS (didn't work)

      reinstalled windows 10 (didn't work)

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          From my experience this could be really any number of things, it will almost certainly be one of the core components (RAM, GPU, CPU, PSU, Motherboard). I checked your motherboard specs and it doesn't appear to have an onboard GPU, is this correct? I was going to suggest attempting to run the machine without the AMD GPU connected to see if that may be the issue. Are you able to test the GPU in another machine, or, test another GPU in this machine? If you check the Windows Event Viewer (WinKey + S, enter "Event") does it have any pertinent error logs?