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catalyst software suite refuses to install

Question asked by qorda on Feb 19, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by amdmatt

Hi All

I am trying to install suite 14.4 Desktop for a second hand Radeon 6350 card AMD Radeon HD6350 (ATi-102-c09003) PCI-Express 512mb Video Card + 2x VGA Adapter | eBay  for my HP dc 7800 sff desktop and facing stiff resistance!

My OS is xp SP3 with all the updates, BIOS is latest.

First I uninstalled my onboard intel video driver with DDU.

When I go through the installation process of 179mb package it goes through fine to the default location except that at the end it states with a big yellow question mark: "installation complete (warnings occurred during installation) View log for detail"- I attach the log on which I can see no warnings!


(1) So what warnings is it talking about?


(2) It goes through the analysis stage smoothly before installation which means that it finds compatible hardware i.e graphics card for which to install the driver; am I right?

Now the interesting bit; there is no sign of this Catalyst suite in my newly installed programs, or icon bar in the low left corner of my screen, neither does it come up in the search box nor can I bring it up on right clicking the empty screen.

The only place I can see it is in uninstall list of "add/remove programs" in the "control panel". I have made 8 attempts to install it, the end result is the same.

(3) Where is it and what is its function if I can't see it?


In the device manager, I can see under "other devices", yellowed "video controller (vga compatible". That is all so I am not sure if this refers to the uninstalled onboard video or the gpu card as it does not give further detail--"unknown". So I have no clue if the card is dead or alive!!


When I open C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies it shows hydravision which contains HydraDM.exe and if I click that it brings up: "AMD desktop manager is being unloaded because and AMD display driver is currently not running". The whole purpose of this was to install the driver!

(4) So where is the driver and why is it not running?


Thank you for the help.