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Black Screen after update AMD Relieve drivers also while doing windows update, and also driver booster, other programs.      

Question asked by dante666 on Feb 19, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2017 by atlasminor

Hi, bros. I have trouble with my AMD card. I have a laptop Samsung Ativ book 8 ( Radeon 8870m), so 12 days ago, i was playing game, suddenly my laptop was stopped, like freezing screen, and made a noise like drrrrr. and i couldn't do anything, i tried ctrl alt delete and other things nothing happened. so i force shut down. when i open it, black screen appeared. so i tried to reset it , but 3% it was stucked about 3 hours so i again shut down it. so i tried reinstall windows after this all troubles was coming. drivers not worked. when i want to install amd drivers , also windows update, driver booster  everytime i faced with black screen. but in device manager i have amd radeon 8870m and intel card. i am afraid of my videocard died. what can i do ? i almost tried all ways to update my comp but still unlucky. i cant play games about 12 days so disappointed for amd