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    RX480 No sound after installing it


      Hello, i have  SAPPHIRE NITRO+ RADEON RX 480 4G D5 and when i install it in my PC i lost my sound, from speakers it came out only buzzing when i press some buttons from keyboard or mouse (or use the scroll).I reinstall all drivers, try everything that i came to me, but still no sound.Today i remove the Rx 480 and stay only on onbord VGA, and still no sound.Does my sound card got burnt or it is somthing else?

      MB:B150m PRO-DH

      CPU:i3 6100

      PSU:Corsair VS550

      Ram Corsair 8GB 2400mHz

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          1.Update BIOS  and check in BIOS(advanced tab) that onboard audio is enabled(see picture below)

          2.Make sure that your motherboard sound device is present in device manager>Sound,Gaming and Video devices

          3.Update sound driver

          4.Go to Control Panel>Peripherals and Sound>Sound and check that your speakers selected as default audio device



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            In Device Manager i have 2 drivers High Definition Audio Device and Realtek High Definition Audio, When i uninstall Realtek nothing happend and if i uninstall HDAD the sound stop.And nothing happends.I try all above steps, try to boot Windows from USB (the buzzing stays) i don know what to do.Speakers are set as default device.. i dont know what to do

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                This is too weird.I saw such issue before and it was not solved.That guy just bought an external sound card.

                I can suppose that AMD installer installs its sound driver to Realtek audio device instead of its own audio device.

                Crazy situation demands a crazy solution.

                1.Try to restore your system to restore point to a point without presence of AMD hardware

                2.Uninstall Realtek audio driver and  disable onboard audio in BIOS

                3.Go to safe mode and clean your system from Realtek drivers by Driver Fusion tool

                4.Delete C:\AMD folder

                5.Uninstall all AMD software and clean your system in safe mode by DDU program and install 16.11.5 or 17.2.1 driver

                6.Check that you have AMD High Definition Audio Device in device manager and enable onboard audio in BIOS

                7.Set it as default audio device and see what will happen.

                6.What OS?

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                  I know you said your speakers are set as default, so I just wanted to confirm that your Playback settings look like the following:


                  Additionally, when I install my AMD GPU drivers, I get the three BenQ XL2730Z High Def Audio Device outputs added, and, they do get set as default. Which is annoying, as it means every time I install a new driver, I need to disable them. But just making sure this isn't your issue. You don't need to uninstall those devices, you can simple disable them as in my screenshot above.


                  Can you confirm you have installed the onboard audio driver for your OS as per: Support For B150M PRO-DH | MSI Global | Motherboard - The world leader in motherboard design ?