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Bootloop after Windows 10 update (HD 8650g + HD 8750M)

Question asked by bagoezeter on Feb 19, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by kingfish

Hi, I have an Acer laptop (V5-552G) equipped with AMD A10 5757M (igp HD 8650g) and HD 8750M.


Whenever I install Windows 10 on my laptop and after the update was finished, my laptop will go into bootloop state and forced into repair mode. I've tried to boot into safemode and it's successful. I uninstall the driver and can boot normally again. However, the problem came again because of Windows automatic update forces my drivers to update. Do I have a solution for this problem?


The list of troubleshooting I've done:


- installing radeon 16.2.1 Beta

- Installing catalyst 15.7.1

- disable updates using destroy windows 10 spying program