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Muting / Unmuting sound causes screen to flicker.

Question asked by mottoman216 on Feb 18, 2017



my problem: whenever i mute / unmute the volume to my LCD the screen will go black and then back to normal all in about .5 seconds. it doesn't matter if i click the speaker icon in the task bar and click "Mute" or if i simply slide the volume to 0%. it will flicker going to 0% and once i un-mute / raise the volume FROM 0% it will do another .5 sec flicker. is this a known issue or is my card defective? while recording it doesn't show any such flickers, so it seems like a signal issue with my TV and the GPU?


32in 1080p LCD TV (Connect via HDMI)

MSI RX 470 4g Armor OC (Driver: 12.2.1)

16gb ddr3 1600mhz

G3258 @ 4.5ghz

Windows 10 pro 64bit

OCZ 750w modular PSU