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    Possible faulty r9 270x?


      My 3 year old beloved grapchics card probably dies on me slowly.
      Started with a driver update (from 16.12.2 to the latest one), after which i got multiple gray screens of death. (like this one FAIL-1.jpg Photo by pogostickio | Photobucket )
      My thought of course were that the driver is the culprit so I rolled back to 16.12.2 with a clean install, with no avail. Also i started getting blue screens with the gsods, stating thread stuck in device driver and alikes.
      The next tip was to lower the core and memory clocks, which I did and now it (kinda) works, with my memory set at 400MHz and the core at 500, althrough now i can play World of tanks at medium settings, with exra effects (foliage, shadows, extra effects etc) off for a match or two and graphical glitches start to appear (pinkish, yellow, green anomalies)

      Graphically less demanding games seem to function like League and Crusader kings 2.


      I'd be happy with any idea for a fix, or just a direction who else to bother with my problems.




      550W  Chieftec PSU

      Asrock z77extreme4 mb
      Intel i5-3470
      Sapphire radeon r9 270x dual x

      G.Skill Ripjaws 2x4 Gb @ 1600 MHz
      Windows 10 x64

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          Looks bad ,but you may try some common procedures:

          1.Update BIOS - you may have this version already, but reflash it anyway

          2.Try another PCIe slot

          3.Try another GPU power cord or another PSU

          4.Show me GPU-Z main screen

          5.Uninstall any software for GPU and system tweaking

          6.Delete C:\AMD folder

          7.Uninstall all AMD software and clean your system in safe mode by DDU program and install 16.11.5 or 17.2.1 driver Windows 10 (64-bit)

          8.Run HWinfo64>sensors only>Logging start and play for 15-20 min. I want to see that log

          sens log.JPG

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              Okay, so I tried the bios update before this question too and driver reinstallation, I do not have another power cord nor a PSu at hand sadly. I tried gaming with the clock speeds at low, which i have the log for, then tried with default setting, which ended in a gsod again, followed by unable boots, so i switched the card slot, and now GPUz and the driver cant see my card but it has power since the fans are spinning.
              hwinfo.zip - Google Drive