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ReLive box blocks screen with Natural Selection 2

Question asked by sirgallium on Feb 19, 2017
Latest reply on May 20, 2018 by florisr9

Hello everybody,


I recently installed a new Sapphire RX-480 and I just used the ReLive recording software for the first time to record a match in Natural Selection 2.


There seems to be an issue in the top right of the screen with an orange box appearing as soon as I start recording. When I stop recording everything is normal and I can see everything on the screen. But as soon as I start the orange box re-appears and covers about a 3 inch by 3 inch or 5 by 5 centimeter square in the top right of the screen covering part of the game.


I think this might be related to the built in camera support and integrating multiple views into the recording. I don't know for sure but it would be nice to get rid of.


I've attached a screen shot of the problem and I also have a video here. NS2 Veil - YouTube


Radeon Software Version: 17.2.1


Windows 7 64 bit, i5 4670k, 12GB


LG 24GM77, DVI-D @ 144


ReLive recording at 60


I don't know why the screen shot looks that dark but it really isn't that dark. I took another one and it came out the same way.


Here it is on imgur: