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headless GPU on amdgpu-pro never returns

Question asked by jpsollie on Feb 19, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2017 by dipak

I have a problem with the opencl driver:

I have a headless linux system, with 3 gpu cards on it:

-amd cape verde

-amd fury

-matrox mgag200.

I run the latest linux 4.10-rc8 kernel

I modified the DRM calls of the amdgpu-pro code to the kernel so it would be compatible

the driver now boots fine (see dmesg), it has some issues with the fury display, but that display is never used, so I don't care.


now, my question:

I removed all mesa/ocl-cid libraries, but no matter what I try, the function call to clGetPlatformIDs never returns

-when executing the clinfo with no drivers loaded, the result is the same as with amdgpu driver loaded, but I can still press Ctrl+C.

  When the drivers are loaded, there is no possibility to interrupt the program, and the CPU goes up to 6.0, while top reports clinfo is not even running.  the only way to stop this is to "echo b > /proc/sysrq-trigger"

using gdb, I discovered that the problem is with clGetPlatformIDs: when calling this function, it never returns

I am using the 16.60 drivers

I know I am using an unsupported configuration, but has anyone got an idea to make this setup working?