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    Overwatch frequent texture glitches


      Alright, I am experiencing a really weird bug, which is hard to diagnose, but maybe you guys can shed some light on my case.


      It goes as follows:


      I am in a different situation than most gamers, hardware wise. I use a external graphics card adapter in combination with an R9 390 Nitro X 8GB and my laptop, a msi ge60 2pc apache, from 2014. As you might have guessed from the model of my laptop, which doesn't have a thunderbolt port, it is connected via mpcie. Which means... Gen2 x1 speeds. Now reason why I mention this, is the fact that most people would directly assume that this weird setup is to blame. But let me inform you... only overwatch has this issue that I am having right now. Any other game, be it DirectX 9, 10, 11 or 12, runs perfectly fine, with no frame rate issues nor graphical glitches. Same goes for every graphical (Free)benchmark (Geekbench, 3DMark, Unigine).


      Right, so this issue that I am having... what does it look like? .... Well like this:


      Da Glitchfest is back. - Album on Imgur


      Sometimes, very rarely though, it's moving: Ow glitch - YouTube


      This issue is something I have since I got the game in October 2016. Though, it didn't occur as often as it does now(once or so during a game session of about 2 hours, which is approximate 8-10 quickplay games) , and when it did happen, it happend only on minor textures. Lately, mainly after the Chinese new year event, it became worse, up to the point that I notice these glitches every game now.  It also introduced frame loss as well (consistent, though, still annoying). Weirdly, this only happens on KOTH maps where it drops down to mid 40's, other maps are just fine (60+ at all times).


      I play this game with all possible settings down to low, except for character model, textures, texture filtering and msaa. No fancy pancy shiny surfaces, turned all those things off.


      The following things have I done to troubleshoot:


      -Disabeling egpu, disabeling igpu/dgpu. (Game runs fine on my dgpu, which is a gtx 850m).

      -Different graphic settings

      -Reinstalling/Removing drivers with DDU in safe mode (newest always)

      -Removing nvidia experience -Removing riva tuner

      -Tried with both stock and oc.

      Things that I still have to do:

      -Rolling back to older driver (probably before relive) (This shouldn't be necessary, but if this fixes it, it is probably a driver problem.. obviously)

      -Switching my R9 390 with my old HD 7850 (I hope it won't fix it, cus that means my R9 390 is faulty).

      -Full clean windows 10 install (was planning on doing it at some point, but I want to postpone this as long as possible).


      So, if you are still reading to this point, you might wonder why I am so reluctant towards having a faulty gpu. This is due to the fact that it runs a custom bios, with a small push on the wattage limit. I while back I was messing with overclocking, and noticed that it wasn't capable to maintain its clock (even though I do have a reliable PSU, Corsair CX600 which sole purpose is to power this gpu). So by checking GPU-Z it appeared it was hitting its power limit of 270 Watt, which I have set to 300 Watt within the bios. Now I knew the risks, but since after the bios flash, everything appeared fine, I had no worries (and within that time period, overwatch didn't glitch out that often, and it didn't change that fact after the flash) as all the games appeared to perform fine. Though it didn't fix my unstable clock speeds, but I didn't really care that much... so I didnt revert back to the old bios. I wonder however, do manufactures notice it when you flash the original bios back? 


      You might also wonder, why I am posting this here, since I mentioned that only Overwatch is having these issues. I should've posted over at blizzard you might think. Well, I actually talked to their support 4 times now, and they basically came to the conclusion that it's either a driver fault, or hardware.... which I have a hard time to believe.


      At this point, I am going over to assumptions, my own, to be exact.


      As mentioned, my gpu is connected over a very slow pci-e bus (pci-e gen2 x1, which equals 5GT/s, in comparison, x16 pci-e gen2 slots have 80GT/s and gen3 goes up to 160 I believe). So I wonder if Overwatch isn't expecting such slow speeds, and thinks that it can load textures quick enough into memory. But my thinking is: it doesn't. And it doesn't notice that it hasn't finish loading textures into vram. At this point the game world geometry and everything is loaded, so it tries to request a texture from memory at address x. But.. when loading textures into memory, it was never able to reach address x, so at address x is now some unknown value, perhaps from a previous write. Now overwatch still thinks that the retrieved value is a correct texture, and displays it..... and voila... a seemingly random texture is shown. My assumption became even more supported when I saw some textures being replaced by partial textures with weird characters or with weird shapes. So there you have it.


      Maybe some smart fellow here can help me out!


      Thanks in advance!



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          Alright, both using older versions of the driver and using my HD 7850 did not solve the issue at hand. Though I did notice that using no driver, like just the bare bone basics (amd settings was installed, but apparently the driver not, as I couldn't open it saying that i was missing my driver,  gpu-z couldn't read my sensors and afterburner didnt show any clockspeeds), the game ran fine.. ish. No texture glitches, but frame rate way below average for a r9 390 (with lowest settings, between 40 and 70, just about the same as my old hd 7850). As you can read here, I would expect a ~13% loss in framerate compared to using a 390 in normal situations... this is way higher than that. 


          I do hope that someone knows something... but from the lack of responses I suppose it's not going to happen any time soon...

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            mpcie = pci express 4.0 gen1, maybe overwatch drivers were desgined for at least pci-e 8.0 bandwidth

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              I had the same issue with my RX 480 Nitro OC+, it would even make me see through walls.