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    calling glLinkProgram crashes


      When linking a program that consists of a FS from the following code the call to glLinkProgram crashes with a NULL pointer exception:


      #version 450


      uniform int umsch;//umschalten

      layout(binding = 0) uniform sampler2D FarbTextur;


                             in  vec2 ausgTexKoord;

      layout(location = 0)   out vec4 Helligkeit;


      void main( void ){

        float test_ft;

        float asdf;


        do {

          if( ausgTexKoord.x < 0.0f || ausgTexKoord.y < 0.0f )

            test_ft = 1.0;

        } while(false);


        if(umsch == 1){

          test_ft = asdf;



        Helligkeit = vec4(test_ft);

        test_ft = texture( FarbTextur, ausgTexKoord ).x;



      The code looks pretty random and that's because it is. I have tried to remove as much from it while still triggering the exception and that's what I end up with.

      Note that both, the VS and the FS compile without problems and I check that by calling glGetShaderiv with the GL_COMPILE_STATUS argument. Also attaching the compiled Shaders to the program works fine. But when I call glLinkProgram on said program the (C++) application crashes with a NULL pointer exception.


      I have tested on an RX 480 with the latest drivers. It says Driver Packaging Version is 16.50.2011-161223a-310015C and OpenGL Driver version and my OS is Windows 7 64 bit.

      I have attached a zip file with a Visual C++ 2010 project and the following relevant files:

      • Quelle1.cpp
      • Shader/test.frag
      • Shader/test.vert

      Can someone confirm this behaviour?