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"Video Output Low" in Relive Streaming on Youtube . How can I fix it ?

Question asked by notnakub on Feb 18, 2017

First "Sorry For my bad English"

I had a little problem with Relive . When I Record it's work very well but when I want to Streaming in Youtube it's show me like this ?

ภาพหน้าจอ 2017-02-17 19.05.09.png

It's Green Just a 10-15 second and then it's turn to red and show "Video Output low" .

I think it's because my computer but when i try with OBS it's can work . (But very lag "lower than 30 fps")

I use Sapphire R9-280 Dual-x And Relive

and this is my problem . I don't know can to fix it .

is someone know how to fix it . tell me please .