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    FX 8350 Fails post




      I have an ASUS Sabertooth 990x R2.0 mobo and an AMD FX 8350 Black edition cpu. The post does not finish. There is an LED on the mobo that stays lit that identifies an issue with the cpu but it doesn't give any more details as to what might be wrong. My question...is there someway I can confirm that it is the cpu and not the mobo?



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          You need motherboard speaker for next operation

          Reset BIOS-take out motherboard battery for 5 sec and return it back and reinstall CPU ,and check that CPU power cord is connected to your motherboard.

          1.Leave only PSU+CPU+motherboard(disconnect all another things) and start PC

          2.If you have long continues beeps-move to the next step .If you have no beeps-CPU or MoBo is faulty

          3.Insert one RAM module and start PC. If you have 3 long and 1 short beeps continue to the next step. If you have no beeps or still have long continues beeps-  MoBo or RAM module is faulty.You must to try all RAM modules and all RAM slots.

          4.Install GPU and start PC if you still have beeps-GPU or PCIe slot is faulty