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    Which cards support four monitors?


      I have a Dell Optiplex and am looking to connect four 2007fp monitors.

      My graphics card is an AMD Radeon R7 350X 4GB (DP, SL-DVI-I).

      Is this card powerful enough to support four displays?

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          For four 2007fp monitors you need a card :

          1-with two DVI and two DP outputs +2 active DP to DVI adapters

          2-1DVI+1HDMI and two DP outputs+2 active DP to DVI adapters+HDMI to DVI adapter

          3-Or GPU with 1 DVI/HDMI and 3-4 DP outputs+ 2 active DP to DVI adapters and 1 passive DP to DVI adapter + HDMI to DVI adapter(if no DVI)

          4.Or you can buy another Radeon R7 350X(or similar) card and connect all monitors to both cards(using appropriate adapters).You must disable crossfire in this case

          You must to choose any direction to further clarifications

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              Thanks for the info. I am a neophyte when it comes to this stuff. What does it mean when you mention crossfire? Also since I would want to be able to drag apps to any of the monitors and only have one that houses my desktop do I need to do anything specific or just follow the scenarios you indicated for connection.


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