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Heroes of the storm only using integrated gpu.

Question asked by omar1627 on Feb 18, 2017
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by leafssteen

Hello, I recently contacted blizzard support regarding this issue and they sent me here after some attempted fixes. I have a intel hd 4000(integrated gpu) and a Amd hd 7670m(dedicated gpu) and my sony vaio e-series and whenever I  open heroes of the storm and since you can check which gpu is the game using through the in-game settings it would constantly show up as intel hd 4000. I am well aware that it is not using the amd as my performance is very low while playing on the lowest possible graphics with only 20fps. What I was asked to do was set Heroes of The Storm to run at 32 bit instead of 64 and set it to high-performance on Catalyst Control Center but both of these fixes did not work for me. I have seen similar cases where the game would not use the dedicated gpu but mostly with nvidia gpus. I would really like a fix for this issue as it is making the game unplayable for me, and thank you for you time all solutions are a step closer to the fix so please post your solutions and ideas to fix this issue.