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CCC almost works but missing gamma and color channels adjustments.

Question asked by onetwotry on Feb 17, 2017

Found this message,  and thought this would be it but, not really.  Can manually install driver or whatever if I know which is the correct one.  As shown in image when I select either Digital Flat Panel Display Color or VGA Display Color there is not gamma adjustment or color channel adjustment.  Software and all seems like it is right but, clearly not.  What needs to be changed or installed?  Is this something to do with Windows Color Management?  Maybe someone know what should be done to access the gamma and color channel adjustments for both my displays.  There are two displays, one on an HDMI and on on a VGA both at 1080 HD setting.    As a note, I have a laptop with a HD4000 series Radeon and it works fine with all adjustments available on both displays in CCC.  Did spend 3 hours looking at help and forums without discovering my solution.


Thanks much for any help!