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    Windows 10 and legacy cards.




      I stumbled upon a problem after updatin my drivers from 15.7.1 to Crimson Edition 16.2.1 Beta. I Found out that openCL function in the latest (last) drivers were broken. I have a 3*hd6970 crossfire setup which has been used in Folding@Home project (want to contribute for cancer research) about a year now.

      Anyway I wanted to try some gaming since I had some free time on my hands and as a fan of the fallout series I bought FO4. The game required me to update to the  16.2.1 Beta for it to run on crossfire setup. After some gaming it was time to let the computer do some folding while I was away. However I was very surprised to find out that all three of my adapters were not compatible with openCL anymore. OpenCL capabilityu was restored after wiping the newer drivers from my computer and reinstalling the  15.7.1 set.


      I know that It might seem like a really tall order to fix the drivers on our old cards but it would be much appreciated. I might even upgrade my system later on with AMD cards and not move to the green team... Been really reluctant to retire my trusty 6970s since they all have custom waterblocks.



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          Sorry but i don't think that AMD will release any driver update for non GCN GPUs in future.

          They decided to completely stop support for such GPUs

          You can install second OS on another logical disk or another HDD and use one system for work(15.7.1 driver) and another system for games(16.2.1 driver)

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              Ok. I did some tinkering with the drivers and found out that the .inf files in the beta drivers had opencl related .dll:s commented out so they would not be installed. Got the computing working by removing the ;; signs before the .dll:s, cleaned existing drivers from my system, reinstalled the drivers and just to be sure copied all opencl related files that should be inside system32 and syswow64 folders by hand in safe mode. I'm not absolutelu sure which of the thins corrected the problem but I'm currently folding with the newer set of drivers. Even Fallout works now without corrupted graphics and flickering.


              I'm sure that the work required to fix these god forsaken drivers would take approximately 5 minutes from an experienced amd engineer (hell, I was able to do it on my own!!)


              If some AMD engineer reads this I sincerely hope that you take some pride on the work that you do and fix the fricking drivers!