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Using AMD relive to stream LeagueofLegends on TwitchTV. I get tons of delay/lag/stutter spike. How to fix it?

Question asked by powervanger on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by powervanger

Hello when I stream League of Legends on AMD relive I keep getting stutter/delay spikes.  It makes my game unplayable so then I can not stream while playing league of legends.  It works fine when I stream Overwatch.  Does this happen to anyone else and if it does can someone help me fix it?


I play League of Legends on borderless mode. 


CPU: 8350fx

GPU: PowerColor R9 290x

RAM: GSKILL 2100 mhz

MONITOR: AOC 144hz freesync 1080p

DRIVER: 16.12.2