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freesync seems to not working Dishonored 2

Question asked by energylite on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2017 by shagohodds

Hey all, I want to know if some guys have some issues with Dishonored 2 and freesync because even when it's enabled, i always have some tearing on my screen. If someone found somethings to fixx it I'll take it otherwise I'll report it to AMD throught their report system.


System: (I did like the important tied up topic)

GPU: R9 295X2 Sapphire

OS:W10 64

driver: the last one 17.2.1

Display: Acer Predator  XG270HUomidpx (freesync 144Hz 1440p)

MB: MSI X99 G7

CPU/ i7 5820k


PSU: RM 1000