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ReLive + SWTOR

Question asked by ixim on Feb 16, 2017

Right, I've been having troubles with running ReLive alongside this (stupidly programmed) game. This is my issue:


I am trying to record cutscenes. Fair enough. I've been doing this with FRAPS previously, but seeing how humongous FRAPS files are(1min=4,5 GB or so), that necessitates the need for editing or, more accurately, dubbing. This takes quite some time as I'm sure you're aware. For every hour of played game, I've to spend an hour editing and dubbing AT THE VERY LEAST. Most often, this results with 1h played = 3h editing. Quite tedious, no? So this is where ReLive's phenomenal sleekness and optimization(and it truly is!) comes into play. But alas!


The game sometimes won't recognize the shortcut used for recording(ctrl shift r)-I've even bound it to a button on a G13 just in order for it to be much, much more handy. That necessitates the need to restart the computer. Which is...annoying, but well worth the optimization of ReLive. I've been having one larger issue though(one that'll involve me re-recording): sometimes I lose the whole AUDIO DATA in the file! The file in itself is fine, but there's no audio! This is what I've observed:


Seeing how SWTOR is an MMO(ugh), sometimes the IP address changes and then the game pesters me with their One-Time Password nonsense. But what I began seeing is a pattern. Every time this happens, I lose the audio data in the next file and I can't access ReLive anymore(I try both with G13 and with ctrl shift r). Am I onto something here? What's going on? Any way to actually stop the IP address change(maybe this'll fix it)?