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    Is anyone else having FPS problems with CS:GO due to low core clock?


      My FPS in CS:GO is bouncing all over the place and the experience is very choppy. When I look at my GPU core clock, it is bouncing all over the place and it's never as high as it should be. Any video settings I change just cause the average core clock to reduce accordingly.  For example, if I reduce the resolution from 1440p to 720p, the core clock still bounces around but at lower values. It's almost like it's trying to maintain a target FPS, but it's doing a terrible job of doing so. FPS jumps around from ~60 to ~120. I don't have FRTC enabled, and GPU temp is only ~60C.


      I haven't gamed in a while but this started happening when I installed the new 17.2.1 drivers. I can't remember which drivers I had previously. I also tried a clean install of the 16.12.2 and nothing changed. I have an R9 390 and an FX-8320. With this exact same hardware I have previously enjoyed steady 144fps with v-sync on in CS:GO with no problems. I don't know if the new drivers caused this or something else.


      Can anyone help? Why would the GPU core clock not be going higher, when it clearly needs to?