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Vega prices???

Question asked by feverstriker on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2017 by feverstriker

We all know that Vega should launch before the end of Q2, most likely around May from what I hear but don't quote me on that.


Here is what we know so far about Vega compared to other GPUs:




At this moment the best price I could find for a Fury X was $499 from Sapphire. The best price for an RX480 8gb version was from XFX @ $215.
So I guess my question is what do you all think the prices for the Vega 11 and Vega 10 based GPUs will be?
Vega 10 boasts some ridiculous performance capabilities but will it be more expensive than Fury X? What about Vega 11?
Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are?