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    Vega prices???


      We all know that Vega should launch before the end of Q2, most likely around May from what I hear but don't quote me on that.


      Here is what we know so far about Vega compared to other GPUs:




      At this moment the best price I could find for a Fury X was $499 from Sapphire. The best price for an RX480 8gb version was from XFX @ $215.
      So I guess my question is what do you all think the prices for the Vega 11 and Vega 10 based GPUs will be?
      Vega 10 boasts some ridiculous performance capabilities but will it be more expensive than Fury X? What about Vega 11?
      Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are?

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          I'm assuming AMD will price them so they slightly undercut the closest nVidia competitor.  That's what both companies have always done.  If they're shooting for 1080 performance, then I could see that particular card priced 5% below the MSRP of a 1080, if the performance is on par. I don't expect to see any tremendous steals when it comes to Vega.

          So look at the 1080 and 1070 average prices and expect to pay about that.

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            If you look at the immediate successor, the Fury X, it performed faster than the Nvidia 980 GTX but slower than the Titan.  AMD priced it accordingly.  Currently, the Nvidia 1080 GTX Pascal based die shrink of the Maxwell 980 is the top performer.


            If AMD at least manages the same gains in efficiency as Nvidia in going from a 28nm to 14nm process, then Vega should again be faster than the 1080 GTX but slightly slower than the new pascal based Titan.  Additional improvements to the architecture in Vega may add performance compared to Fiji and it may become faster than the Titan, time will tell.  It means they can price it anywhere they want essentially and Nvidia will have to adjust their prices accordingly.  Likely, since AMD is trying to gain market share, they will price it lower ~$600 and NVidia will cut prices on the 1080 GTX and/or the Titan depending on how Vega performs.

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