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    New install's drivers are crashing when second HD added


      I am assembling a new PC that has a freshly-formatted 500GB solid state drive and an old and moldy 2TB Western Digital drive that has all my backups, media, etc.. Both are running Windows 7. When I first attempted to install the AMD drivers on the SSD, Crimson ReLive crashed immediately on launch. I'd download the program, it would install, and BOOM crash. Trying to install from DVD? Same problem. Just the drivers? Same problem. I ran Display Driver Uninstaller several times and that failed to fix the problem.


      The only way I got the drivers to install was to disconnect the 2TB drive and put it on a table. That allowed Crimson ReLive to download, install itself, and run the program. Now I have all the drivers. However, I want to reattach my media drive and I'm almost positive the drivers will fail, ReLive will crash, or I'll need to d/c the media drive whenever I do an update. That's not actually a solution.


      TL;dr: How do I keep my drivers working when I can't seem to scrub all the old AMD files off the slave drive?


      • AMD Graphics Card
        • Radeon RX480 4GB
      • Desktop or Laptop System
        • Desktop
      • Operating System
        • Windows 7
      • Driver version installed
        • 16.60.2011 installed using the Crimson ReLive 17.2.1 Feb installer off the internetz
      • Motherboard
        • MSI MS-7A72
      • CPU/APU
        • Intel i5 6500
      • RAM
        • 16GB