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Add older card to rx 460 for additional screens

Question asked by pablo1980 on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by pablo1980

Hello, I have bought a rx 460 and I am using the hdmi and dvi out. I need two aditional screens (hdmi and dvi out too)


I have tried my old hd 6450 but even though I can see it in the device manager, it doesn´t appear anywhere else. I imagine that the drivers are two old and cannot coexist with the rx 460 ones


I can buy a R5 M230, being that the drivers seems to be the same as the rx 460 (they are both in the supported cards in the current drivers page)

I will NOT be using crossfire, just more screens.



?Do you think buying a R5 M230 could work

Is there a way to use the HD6450?


Windows 10

Latest drivers