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S7150 support under Ubuntu 16.04

Question asked by cmshowers on Feb 16, 2017
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I have acquired a new Dell T630 server with an AMD FirePro S7150. I installed ESXi 6.5 on it, installed the VIB and install utility from here:


Using the utility, I created 16 VFs and started assigning them to VMs. I followed this guide for all of the hypervisor setup process:

It is concise and accurate and was very helpful.


I did a Windows 7 64-bit VM first using the script to configure the VM. I used the Windows driver from the previous link and installed the video card driver. The only confusing part of this process was that there is a virtual display connected to the VMware SVGA virtual video card and then an "AMD vDisplay" with a massive maximum supported resolution is created connected to the AMD MxGPU. I disabled the VMware display, set the resolution on the AMD vDisplay down to something reasonable, and did some simple tests of the 3D graphics. Everything works perfectly!


I would also like to make some Linux VMs. I've invested quite a bit of time trying to get Ubuntu 16.04 and 15.04 to work. I started with 16.04 and the latest AMDGPU-PRO drivers from here:


After installation, I could get to the graphical login screen but trying to login would fail with no error and drop me right back to the login screen. I couldn't find any errors to report but will gladly pull any log file necessary. I also tried 15.04 with the fglrx drivers although I suspect this does not support MxGPU. Interestingly, it resulted in the exact same problem.


Is Ubuntu supported and if so is there a guide to installing and configuring the virtual MxGPU cards created by the S7150 available?




Chris Showers