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Help Me a10 Apu 7860k Problem Graphics HDMI and Poor Perfomance

Question asked by kevin_chorrillos on Feb 14, 2017
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Please Help me. My PC Is:

-Asus a88xm-a (Lasted Bios)

-Kingstone 4gbx2 1866

-A10 7860k

-HDD 500gb.

-Full HD Smart Samsung.

The problem is this.

Before I used a processor a4 6300k and worked without problems, along with my monitor Samsung smart Full HD. Recently bought an a10 and when installed the graphics on desktop looked bad, as the colors were not appropriate. Also could not install the drivers. The operating system failed. Then update the bios of the motherboard to the last one (3001) and I could install the drivers. But the colors are still looking bad which did not happen with my a4 6300k. And the performance of the pc is low. Does not run well games for example street fighter 5, runs it at 8fps (low configuration). I think it is processor problem should I go to warranty ?.