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When Will The Ryzen Based APU Release?

Question asked by janagewen on Feb 14, 2017
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Yeah, and frankly, I am very tired of Intel processors. I have dreamed around Itanium when I was 20 something and wasted lots of time and energies to it. But it turned to be completely in vain. I do not want to use Intel processor based anything. Considering about the poor performance and heat product of Bulldozer based processors, I put my expectations onto the Ryzen processors. So I want to know when will the Ryzen based APU would be released, this year or next year? I want to get a laptop on such processors for general use, not for game, not for professional, not for enthusiast. I am in China mainland, but I dislike "Made In China", I wish I could get such processors with labelled with "Made In Malay" or something else. I wish those processors would stay at the same price as other entry level processors for budget laptop computers. Do not get me wrong, I am just a person, I just need one such laptop, and I do not do any job around computer related.