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    When Will The Ryzen Based APU Release?

      Yeah, and frankly, I am very tired of Intel processors. I have dreamed around Itanium when I was 20 something and wasted lots of time and energies to it. But it turned to be completely in vain. I do not want to use Intel processor based anything. Considering about the poor performance and heat product of Bulldozer based processors, I put my expectations onto the Ryzen processors. So I want to know when will the Ryzen based APU would be released, this year or next year? I want to get a laptop on such processors for general use, not for game, not for professional, not for enthusiast. I am in China mainland, but I dislike "Made In China", I wish I could get such processors with labelled with "Made In Malay" or something else. I wish those processors would stay at the same price as other entry level processors for budget laptop computers. Do not get me wrong, I am just a person, I just need one such laptop, and I do not do any job around computer related. 

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          The APU line is scheduled to be released in the second half of this year.

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            Just when I was about completely put out the light in my heart around Itanium, there is another stupid news, from Intel ships latest Itanium chip called Kittson, but grim future looms | PCWorld . I have no ideas about the changes happened to its microarchitecture, but those chips might just tell the world, Itanium Architecture would still exist for the following very limited years. My user account on the Intel communities has been blocked for no reasons at all, if I were still there, I would suggest Intel, try their best to save the life of Itanium Architecture, by making some feasible processors for feasible products.


            Even this is the AMD forum, but I have also to figure out, if Intel want to still maintain this architecture, Itanium, the very potential way is to design such processors for game consoles. Only the game console developers, such as Nintendo, Sony Computer Entertainment, Microsoft and even AMD would open up the new world for this very architecture. The development of game consoles is distinct from the traditional computers, it does not need all the limitations which the latter needs. Smart developers would make good use of this architecture, and increase its performance merely by update the firmware, rather than the actual processors. Using Itanium core and AMD GPU, this kind of game console would be sorted into the 9th gen game console, if available...